Barathrum– The Spirit Breaker - Dota Guide By Kumpul Dota

Barathrum– The Spirit Breaker - Dota Guide By Kumpul Dota
Barathrum was excluded from Spirithoof clan, so he escaped the embarrassment amid the ethereal plane, feeding him wandering spirits to sostubieran. So vague, aimless for centuries. Found and recruited by the Lich King, the speed impossible and almost divine powers Barathrum have been released on the material plane.
Torch can project your etheric energy, throw their opponents back with a sudden force.
It also has the ability to bridge the gap between him and his prey.He is more than a worthy opponent for anyone.
HP: 587
Mana: 182
Attack range: 100 (Melee)
Attack Speed: 1.7
Movement Speed: 295
Primary Attribute: Strength
Strength: 23 + 2.8
Agility: 17 + 1.7
Intelligence: 15 + 1.8
Damage: 45 - 55
Armor: 5.4


Skill Type: ACTIVE

Barathrum take some time to load, then attacked his objective on high speed. When it reaches its maximum speed is immune to magic, the Barathrum hit your opponent and freezes for a while.
LvL 1: 1.4 seconds Stun po
Lvl 2: Stun po 1.8 seconds
Level 3: 2.2 Second Stun po
LvL 4: 2.6 seconds Stun po

Time To Re-Use (cooldown): 40/40/40/40
Casting Range: Global
Cost of Mana (Mana): 75/75/75/75

Empowering HASTE

Skill Type: Passive

His gun makes Spiritbreaker Spiritbreaker have more movement speed, allowing you to do further damage. Its presence increases the movement speed of nearby allied units.
LvL 1: Increases your movement speed by 6% and 4% damage on your speed of movement.
Lvl 2: Increases movement speed by 8% and 8% damage on your speed of movement.
Level 3: Increases movement speed by 10% and 12% damage on your speed of movement.
LvL 4: Increases movement speed by 12% and 16% damage on your speed of movement.

Time To Re-Use (cooldown): 0/0/0/0
Cost of Mana (Mana): 0/0/0/0
AoE: 900


Skill Type: Passive

Gives a 17% chance for bash an enemy to the ground, causing more damage
LvL 1: Dana 25, pushes the distance in 140 emeigo
Lvl 2: Damages 50, pushes the distance in 180 emeigo
Level 3: Damage 75, pushes the distance in 220 emeigo
LvL 4: Damages 100, at 260 pushes the distance emeigo

Time To Re-Use (cooldown): 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5
Duration: 0.95/1.15/1.35/1.55
Cost of Mana (Mana): 0/0/0/0


Skill Type: ACTIVE

The Spiritbreaker appears behind the enemy extra hurting while pushing it. It takes a second to appear next to the opponent, during this time is immune to magic.
LvL 1: Move to the side of the opponent / 100 damage
Level 2: Moves to the next opponent / 200 damage
LvL 3: Move to the side of the opponent / 300 damage

Time To Re-Use (cooldown): 75/75/75
Casting Range: 400/550/700
Cost of Mana (Mana): 125/150/175
1. Empowering Haste
2. Greater Bash
3. Empowering Haste
4. Charge of Darkness
5. Empowering Haste
6. Nether Strike
7. Empowering Haste
8. Charge of Darkness
9. Charge of Darkness
10. Charge of Darkness
11. Nether Strike
12. Greater Bash
13. Greater Bash
14. Greater Bash
15. Stats
16. Nether Strike

Items you might serve as the game begins.

Items that will serve the mid and late.

(BOOTS OF SPEED) Important It gives you speed of movement.

(Power Treads) will give you more speed of movement and more life, conbined with your second skill.

(MASK OF MADNESS) When activated it will give you a lot of attack speed, very well with the skills of Barathrum

(VANGUARD) will have more strength and HP regeneration

(AGHANIMS Scepter) Very useful for Barathrum and assist you greatly in Ultimate

(Tarrasque) To take any more and have more HP Regeneration

(Assault Cuirass) But enough attack speed and defense

(Buriza) will give you enough chances to draw attack and Critical

(BKB AVATAR) optional, if there are enough magic attacks.

(SANG & YASHA) Optional, to hunt enemies (not combined with Mask of Madness, are Orb)

(MORDIGGIAN) Optional, will give you more movement and attack speed when activated, combines with Mask of Madness.
- I'll let you know that this is not the best of all guides, but one of the best because each (a) has a different way to build your hero but this guide is recommended.
- The Barathrum is one of the best hunters and has many benefits for their skill
- You start with your Bracer and that will give you a lot of life.
- Phase Power Treads or Boots, depending on how you paresca better advantage of the Phase Boots is quite give you your second attack by Skill (Empowering Haste) and a good Attack Power Treads but also Str

"Mask of Madness will help much in your combo, and that increased activity enough attack speed which will come down ma life to the enemy and more likely to bashar the enemy because of your skill 3
- The Vanguard will help you take in the fights and give you more mana Regeneration
- The Aghanims is an important item for Barathrum and assist you greatly in cooldown. (Your Ultimate from 75 to 20 seconds) (casting range increased to 550 '400 ', '550 to 700', '700 to 850 ') (AoE Increases to 250)

- For a long game, the Tarrasque will help a lot to put up fights because you will have more life and regeneration of life, The Assault Cuirass will give you more attack speed and great defense and that you will quite Buriza attack and chances of getting Critical
- The Avatar BKB is optional if enough damage magic or wizards and Mordiggian when activated will give you 31 damage plus 10 more attack speed and defense life, but it costs you 37 HP per second, because if you have enough Life will be very useful.
The Sange & Yasha saw that many take it as you used to hunt heroes and to prevent the escape you, but remember it is a Orb and not combined with the Mask of Madness.
- The correct way would hunt Activating your Charge of Darkned then check your Mask of Madness and ending with Nether Strike (Ultimate)


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